Fall in Utah

Chad, Kayla and I traveled up Millcreek Canyon this afternoon and took some pictures in the newly fallen leaves. Playing in the dried, crunchy leaves made her laugh! Thankfully she didn't try to eat any! :) It'd beautiful this time of year! I love Fall- I just wish it would last longer. We actually had a hard time finding a place to stop along the road that didn't already have a blanket of snow. Winter comes so fast. Before I know it, Kayla will be one. YIKES! Slow down time!

Happy little girl: 9 months old.

Our oh-so-silly girl! : )

Kayla just turned 8 months and she is getting the funniest personality. She's a riot!
I love it!

The 2009 Gourley Family Reunion was at Devils Tower, Wyoming. We escaped to ND to visit the aw-inspiring Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Kayla and the fam had a great time! We really enjoyed learning about the history of this monument, the process and
the meaning.

Prepare to be impressed by my knowledge!....

George Washington signifies the struggle for independence and the birth of the Republic; Thomas Jefferson represents the territorial expansion of the country; Abraham Lincoln stand for the permanent union of the States and equality for all citizens and Theodore Roosevelt exemplifies the 20th century role of the United States in world affairs and the industrial growth of the nation.
Interesting, huh!

My dear Kayla... all grown up.

Kayla is learning how to talk!!!

Well..... at least she thinks she is. Last week Kayla learned that if she opens and closes her mouth while she yells, it make a funny noise, and she has been doing it like crazy ever since. (Brenda claims that she is actually saying "ma'ma," listen closely and you might hear it too;)

The Gourleys

Well, here we are...finally giving in to all the pressure to create a blog spot. :)
Guess it's a "must do" now that we have a child and all we can really do is brag about all the new fabulous things she can do! Just call us proud parents. :)

Chad and I are living in West Jordan, Utah in our beautiful new home. We have been here since August of 08' and we are loving ever minute of it. What a blessing it was to be able to get into this home right before our daughter came into our lives.

Kayla is now 5 months old and already thinks she's a toddler. She is sitting on her own and learning to eat on her own. She is growing so fast. She is in the 90th percentile for her height...(where in the world did she get those jeans?!) and in the 60th percentile for weight. She is wearing 9-12 month clothing. She's just SO TALL! But completely adorable!
We are totally hooked on her!

Chad and I are both working full time at U.S. Bank. Chad is a Branch Manager and I work as an assistant to the District Manager. We love our jobs! He has the freedom to basically create his own schedule and I am thankfully able to work 4 tens. Kayla only has to be watched by her Grandma 3 days a week. (which I'm sure she'll tell you she wished for more days :)

We teach the Sunbeams in our ward. 6 adorble munchkins! Lots of fun. Chad also serves in the Elders Quorum.

But other than that, we spend our days laughing with our angel and talking about the future....
What great things to come ....lots to learn and even more to love!

Check in once in a while and see whats new in our lives!
Love you all- The Gourleys